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Joke of the Day
June 10, 2014
Jason: Why can’t your nose be 12 inches long? John: Beats me. Jason: Because then it would be a foot.  
June 09, 2014
Ben: I’m working on a new magic trick. Scoutmaster: What is it? Ben: I toss a pumpkin in the air, and it comes down squash!    

Troop 100 at the Kandersteg International Scout Centre in Switzerland. See more pictures.

Selfie of Paul Hedricks on stage with Liam and August at their Eagle Court of Honor. Congratulations, guys!
New Photos Posted

This is a must-watch video to see what Troop 100 is all about. The slideshow chronicles last year, but it could be any year in Troop 100's history. We are truly blessed.

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Ask the Gear Guy
June 9th
When I'm kayaking, my paddle is always slipping through my hands. Can you help me?
June 2nd
What's the best way to light a camp stove without getting too big of a flare-up? I have an MSR WhisperLite.
May 26th
Q. Dear Gear Guy. My friends and I do a lot of swimming in saltwater in the summer, and a common problem we have is the infamous itchy groin. Is there a solution?