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Joke of the Day
October 04, 2014
Andy: How do you fit two Charizards and six Bulbasaurs on a bus? Scott: How? Andy: You Pok-em-on.
October 03, 2014
Billy: Did you hear the joke about the old milk? Willy: No. Is it good? Billy: It stinks!

Troop 100 at the Kandersteg International Scout Centre in Switzerland. See more pictures.

Selfie of Paul Hedricks on stage with Liam and August at their Eagle Court of Honor. Congratulations, guys!
New Photos Posted

This is a must-watch video to see what Troop 100 is all about. The slideshow chronicles last year, but it could be any year in Troop 100's history. We are truly blessed.

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Ask the Gear Guy
October 6th
Dear Gear Guy, Where do I go to find a cheap, good-quality hammock? I have been looking all over the Internet but I can't find one for under $100. Please help me.